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Holiday Crash Course, Part II – Yom Kippur – September 30th

Holiday Crash Course, Part II – Yom Kippur – September 30th

Join us tomorrow night for part II…

 Holiday Crash Course


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Special Event: Holiday Crash Course, September 23

Special Event: Holiday Crash Course, September 23

The first in a series of educational events…

 Holiday Crash Course


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8th Annual Jewish Womens Conference of the Bucks County Mikvah


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Come discover the story of Ruth


Who was Ruth? Who was Boaz?
What made this the couple that
would carry the seed of the Messiah?
What practical lessons were left
for the Jewish people by this great
Jewish heroine? Why do we read this
story on the holiday of Shavuos?”
Join Rabbi Moshe Travitsky
for a travel through
The book of Ruth in 3 sessions:
Wednesdays : April 24, May 1, May 8 , 1:30 – 2:30 P.M.
Enjoy an uplifting explanation
that will give new dimensions and
relevance to this classic story of Jewish history.

IT’S AFTER PASSOVER… NOW WHAT!? Roy & Leah Neuberger back by popular demand

IT'S AFTER PASSOVER... NOW WHAT!?  Roy &  Leah Neuberger at the Bensalem Outreach Center

Roy &
Leah Neuberger at the Bensalem Outreach Center

Lag Baomer- BBQ and Ball Game


Join us for an amazing Ball Game and a delicious BBQ in honor of Lag Baomer!

Sunday April 28th, 10:00 AM
Bensalem Central Park- 2400 Byberry Road, Bensalem
$10 Person / $25 Family
Call  Rabbi Mermelstein 917-826-9637 to RSVP
Rain Date:  May 5

What does Haman, Hitler, and G-d have in common?

Dear Friends,
What does Haman, Hitler, and G-d have in common?  They all believe(d) a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Haman and Hitler hated Jews. They didn’t care if you were observant or not. They didn’t care what sect of Judaism you were affiliated with. They saw the truth. Jews are Jews. G-d also views the Jewish nation as one – we are all his beloved children. This creates a responsibility to act as brothers and sisters to each other.
The holiday of Purim has two commandments designed to create Jewish unity.  The first commandment is to send packages of food to a friend(s). The second commandment is to send 2 poor people a meal ( or the value of a meal).
We are having two programs at the Center to enhance Jewish unity this month.
We will be celebrating Purim on Sunday, February 24th. There will be a family reading of the Megilla ( a scroll which tells the story of Purim) at 3:45 PM. This is an opportunity to fulfill the commandment to hear the Megilla on Purim.  During the Megilla the custom is to make noise when the name Haman is read. We do this to  fulfill the commandment to wipe out the memory of Amalak ( the nation that Haman belonged to). There will be tickets given out to the children and a prize raffled at the end. This will be immediately followed by a delicious catered meal at 4:30. Please join us!
On March 1, 2013, tens of thousands of Jews across America will come together to eat , drink, relax, dance, enjoy, debate, and celebrate at the 17th Annual SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA. Hundreds of synagogues across the continent will take part in a historic national Jewish event to celebrate that which unifies all Jews–Shabbat! Everyone is invited …singles, couples, families–all ages. So bring your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers–and let’s celebrate together. For more information please call me at 917-826-9637 or email me.
All the best,

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